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Vertical Pastoral Care

“I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me.” John :14

At MacKillop Catholic College we provide a vertical pastoral care system for Years 7-12. Our vertical pastoral care structure enables the grouping of younger and older students together in a long-term relationship with their Pastoral Care teacher. Each Pastoral Care group is House-based and consists of approximately 22 students, with 3 or 4 students being drawn from each of the levels.

Vertical pastoral care encourages the development of genuine and effective relationships between each student and their Pastoral Care teacher. Pastoral Care groups meet each morning before the start of the timetabled lessons.  Having daily contact with the student over a six-year period, the Pastoral Care teacher is in an ideal position to get to know them and their parents/caregivers very well, and also to share in their growth, maturity, and general development over this period of time.


Some of the many benefits of our vertical pastoral care system include:

  • Helping to build a greater sense of community with increased interaction between year levels
  • Providing additional opportunities for students to lead, particularly in the older age groups
  • Providing peer mentoring and support
  • Ensuring that every student in the College is known and has at least one significant adult to relate to or talk with
  • Establishing, and instilling, a strong sense of belonging
  • Providing parents/caregivers with a familiar point of contact at the College
  • Allowing students to observe the school journey through other students before it is their turn
  • Increased college and house spirit