Welcome to MacKillop Catholic College

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The administration section of the College is located on Goondi Street and we strongly suggest that if parents intend to drive students to school of a day they use this street to access drop-off points. By accessing Goondi Street students can enter via the Reconciliation Garden or the administration car park. This drop-off point also assists parents in accessing Cambridge Road and avoiding traffic congestion on departure from the College.

The car park in Currajong Street is a staff-only park and at no time can it be used for drop-off or as a thoroughfare.

Bus Information

Students attending MacKillop Catholic College come from many areas on the Eastern Shore including the following: Acton Park, Bellerive, Cambridge, Campania, Carlton, Colebrook, Cremorne, Dodges Ferry, Dulcot, Geilston Bay, Howrah, Lindisfarne, Lauderdale, Midway Point, Montagu Bay, Mornington, Otago Bay, Old Beach, Penna, Richmond, Risdon Vale, Rokeby, Rosny, Sandford, Seven Mile Beach, Sorell, South Arm, Tranmere and Warrane.

Most students travel to the College by bus and arrangements are now available from most areas. Those students who are dropped off or collected from the College enter via the main Goondi Street entrance.

Metro Bus Services

Student Greencard application forms can be accessed via the Metro website.

Metro Services cover all Eastern Shore suburban areas from Opossum Bay to Bridgewater.

Phone: 132 201

Tasmanian Redline Coaches

Servicing all areas from Cambridge to Forcett. With connections through Sorell to Tassielink to the East Coast and the Tasman Peninsula.

Phone: 1300 360 000

Coal River Bus Service

Servicing out to all areas of the Coal River Valley.

Phone: 0400 587 048