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Tenison House
kinship and dedication

Inspired by the Josephite tradition


House Leader: Miss Cathy Allen


Tenison House is named in honour of Fr Julian Tenison Woods, Catholic priest, educationalist and scientist. Born in Southwark, England, on 15 November 1832 Woods felt a strong call to serve God. He loved nature, saw beauty in all of creation and was a passionate environmentalist. He valued learning and knowledge believing that education was vital to the human condition. At 18 years old he joined the Passionists but suspended his training before arriving in Tasmania in1855 at the age of 23 years. Here he worked as a chaplain to the convicts and also as a teacher. Moving to Adelaide three months later he resumed his studies for the priesthood and was ordained by Bishop Francis Murphy on 4 January 1857. His first parish, Penola in South Australia was vast. Here he met Mary MacKillop and together they worked to establish schools for children of catholic families. Founding a new religious order of teaching sisters in the year 1866, Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop began the Sisters of Saint Joseph.


Tenison House members are dedicated to learning, science, the arts, beauty and the care of creation. They have a tenacious spirit, are good at connecting people and never giving up even when the going gets tough. Everyone in Tenison House stands tall for self and others. Tenison House members believe that all people, regardless of situation or background deserve the fullness of life that God intends for them.

Value:         Dedication

Motto:          Kinship and Dedication

Tenison House motto is Kinship and Dedication. Taking us to great heights is the encounter of God’s presence in others and in all of creation. Tenison House members care for the environment, especially in our college. They love and protect nature, see beauty and goodness all around them and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all of creation.

Colour:         Blue

Tenison House colour is blue. This colour reflects our blue planet, our island state of Tasmania and Tension Woods’ love of nature.

Symbols:  The Tasmanian devil and hands of dedication.

The Tasmanian devil is unique to our island state. It is an animal of brutal honesty, has endurance and wow “what a potential for growth!” It has a tenacious spirit and never gives up when the going gets tough.

The heart in two hands is symbolic of our devotion to others and all that is good. We have a heart for others and all of creation, seeing everything as our kin. We care deeply about our blue planet and protect the environment, especially in our college. We see beauty and goodness all around us and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all of creation.

Serving:    Tenison House is of service to our fragile planet Earth. All members advocate environmental concerns.

House Prayer:

Tenison Prayer

God of Life and Love.

We gave thanks for the works of Father Julian Tenison-Woods

who nurtured and encouraged Mary MacKillop

to live a life in service of the poor.

Like Julian, we ask you to strengthen those in Tenison House

to be dedicated to the appreciation and protection

of our natural environment.

We ask this prayer through our Lord, Jesus Christ,

who binds us together as one family of hope and faith.