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Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement aims to ensure student ability is promoted with inclusive practices. 

MacKillop Catholic College celebrates neurodiversity and caters to a wide range of learning abilities and needs.  Learning Enhancement staff work collaboratively with teachers and parents to provide an integrated support network for students with individual needs. It is recognised that every student learns differently and some may require a more flexible approach to their learning.

The Learning Enhancement team acts in a consultative and collaborative capacity in addressing the learning needs of all students. Targeted intervention programs are implemented where the learning needs of a student have been identified as requiring attention. Upon enrolment, the educational needs of individual students are identified and, where appropriate, extension and support processes for progressing learning are implemented. The multidisciplinary team collaboratively gains a thorough understanding of the young person’s educational needs and designs a plan on how they can be achieved within the inclusive curriculum model offered at the college.  Assistance can be provided to students in a range of areas including organisational and time management skills, study and research skills and exam preparation. Targeted programs designed to improve students' skills in numeracy, literacy, reading comprehension and organisation are offered.

The College has a dedicated space called the HUB to provide a learning environment that supports individual student needs as needed.