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Complaints Procedures

​If you would like to follow up on a complaint or grievance this document may help you with frequently asked questions.

MacKillop Catholic College has a responsibility to act wisely, with justice and compassion, maintaining the dignity and equality of all in our community. The College has both a desire and a responsibility to ensure that high standards of conduct are maintained by staff and students at all times, and that those grievances are managed and resolved fairly, efficiently, promptly and in accordance with relative legislation and The Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission (TCEC) School Grievance Policy.

At MacKillop Catholic College, we are committed to providing a pleasant work environment for all employees and students. We acknowledge, however, that employees, parents/guardians and students may sometimes feel aggrieved because something that has happened, or is happening, in the working or learning environment at the College appears to be discriminatory or to constitute harassment or bullying. A staff member, parent/caregiver or student may complain about behaviour, an act or omission by other staff or student or any decision that he or she considers to be discriminatory or to constitute harassment or bullying. A grievance/complaint may be made about a person, system or procedure.

MacKillop Catholic College has embraced the principles of restorative practice which has a specific goal in mind: to support and facilitate the building of healthy relationships. It has been proven that when individuals live in healthy and life-giving relationships with significant others there is abundant personal growth, capacity for character building and a high level of achievement in all areas of endeavour. This practice will underpin the grievance/complaint-handling procedure.

The College’s procedure has been developed for handling grievances/complaints made by staff, parents/caregivers and students in accordance with the existing Tasmanian Catholic Education Office Grievance Policy.