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Student Leadership

At MacKillop, all students are given the opportunity to lead.

The challenge of leadership is an important part of our students’ learning experience. It is held in very high esteem in our community and is recognised on many occasions throughout the school year.

At MacKillop, we encourage leadership through vision, collaborative planning and action.

Our student leadership structure at MacKillop is detailed below:

Senior Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team is made up of Year 10 students who fulfill the following positions: 2 College Captains, 2 Deputy Captains and 8 House Captains.

The Student Leadership Team meets to discuss student issues, plan events and decide upon organisational matters. The Student Leadership Team is responsible for school tours, leading whole school assemblies, initiating student-led projects, contributing to School Improvement forums and projects, co-ordinating our Feast Day celebrations and JJAMM Week as well as mentoring SRC members through the Vertical Leadership Program.

Our 2022 Student Leadership:

Zane Bennis (College Captain) and Sophie Bonnitcha (College Captain)

Dean Griffiths (College Deputy) and Katelyn Johnson (College Deputy)

Fitzroy: Liam Legosz and Gracie Bradburn

Penola: Jessica Stanley and Deacon Smith

Rice: Leyla Lawson and Jessica Owen

Sion: Lily Watchorn-Patten and Tillie Erickson

Tenison: Zara Appleby and Zoe Henley

Waterford: Spencer Etherington and Lachlan Denholm

Student Representative Council (SRC)

In Year 7-9, students may nominate to have the opportunity to be elected to the Student Representative Council (SRC). There are two SRC members elected from each Tutor Group.

SRC members meet regularly to voice opinions and lead student projects. At several times throughout the year the senior Student Leadership Team joins the SRCs to mentor, support and work collaboratively on school-wide events. This is known as the MacKillop College Vertical Leadership Program.

Our 2022 Student Representative Council:


Fitzroy: Abel Harris and Rylan Estcourt

Penola: Scarlet Bryan and Alexis Richards

Rice: Benjamin Russell and Jack Aldridge

Sion: Isabella Patten and Lachlan Szczerbanik

Tenison: Molly Easton and Daisy Browne

Waterford: Isaac Woodward and Remi Kerr


Fitzroy: Stella MacLeod and Sky Priest

Rice: Savannah Trimmer and Carolyn Townsend

Sion: Harry Donald and Jessica Rose

Tenison: Isobel Cobern and Alex Dalman

Penola: Lucas Brady and Tessa Scott

Waterford: Eddie Parsey


Fitzroy: Erin Mullarvey and Molly Plummer

Penola: Isabelle Stanley and Indiana Wiggins

Rice: Eleanor White and Amelia Milne

Sion: Katie Simpson and Luke Beard

Tenison: Nena Timsar and Natasha Williams

Waterford: Leeah Gard-Spaulding and Noah Bennis

Currently, our Student Leadership Committee is developing a new model of student leadership as the College moves to Years 11 and 12.