The uniform is a symbol of the pride we have in our College and the pride our College has in each person.

The College uniform is a mark of our identity to the wider community. It should establish a sense of belonging and an acceptance of the values proclaimed by MacKillop.

As of 2018 we changed our College Uniform. Our aim in changing our uniform was twofold: firstly we saw the need for a more modern style of uniform and secondly we wanted to increase student choice. For students in Years 8-10 in 2018 there is no requirement to make any changes; however, if items need replacing students should be aware that some past uniform items will no longer be available. For example, College spray jackets, tartan uniforms and ties will no longer be stocked in our clothing store. Of course any student may choose to change into the new uniform at any time.

The way our students wear their uniform is very important and that will not change. Our College uniform is an outward sign that you belong to the MacKillop Catholic College community. Our uniform does more than just delineate your membership of our community; it also points to the values and beliefs that we espouse. In wearing our uniform, you acknowledge membership of our community and also signal your acceptance of the obligations as well as the privileges which are part of membership. If our College community values the wearing of a school uniform, then all members of our community have an obligation to support that value. The vast majority of students do value and wear their uniform well and follow the associated grooming rules.


Students are expected to take pride in their appearance and to follow these guidelines:

  1. All students are required to wear their College blazer to and from school when in their formal uniform;
  2. Formal shirts, other than over shirts, must be tucked in at all times;
  3. Girls’ skirt length should be resting on the top of the knee. As students grow so fast skirts may need to be re-hemmed prior the beginning of a new term;
  4. Hair must be neatly groomed. Excessive use of hair fixing agents (gel etc.) and extreme colourants are not permitted. Hair must be tied back if it is below the collar. Hair should not be shorter than a No 2 razor cut, and styles should be conservative in nature (this applies to both male and female students);
  5. Boys must be clean-shaven at all times and sideburns must remain short;
  6. Girls and boys may wear one pair of plain gold/silver studs/sleepers in the earlobe of each ear. Jewellery, other than earrings and watches, is not to be worn. No facial piercings are permitted and attempts to cover or disguise the piercing will not be accepted;
  7. Students are not permitted to wear any noticeable make-up;
  8. Leather black school shoes are to be worn in the kitchens and workshops at all times. Students not wearing the correct shoes will be required to complete non-practical tasks;
  9. Tattoos are not allowed to be visible whilst in school uniform.

MacKillop 2018 Uniform document

Uniform Shop

Our Uniform Shop is located in the Kirby Building adjacent to the Administration Building and can be accessed from Goondi Street.

Opening hours (except during school holidays)

Tuesday: 8:15 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Thursday: 12:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Closed during all school holidays.

The College is grateful to those parents who have volunteered to help with clothing sales on those days.

“The wearing of the College uniform aims to engender a sense of belonging, to enkindle enthusiasm, a sense of camaraderie and to reflect a commitment to the College. The College uniform is the face of the College to the general public. The uniform builds pride and tradition in the College, provides a known cost to parents and ensures equity for all students."

MacKillop Catholic College Uniform Policy – reviewed 2018


College Uniform Price List