The College provides canteen facilities for all students during the recess and lunch breaks.

Our preferred method for lunch orders is through our Qkr smartphone app. Follow the QKR set-up guide to install the app or access the online version.

Menus are regularly updated on Qkr to reflect the current canteen food and drink options.

QKR set-up guide

The College Canteen is open at recess 10:30 a.m.—10:50 a.m. and lunch 12:50 p.m.—1:30 p.m.

Students with Allergies

In recent years we have experienced an increase in the number of students with various allergies. It is important that the College has the most up-to-date medical information on students in order to provide for their needs. Please ensure our College Office is informed if there is a change of medical information so we can note this in our records.

At present we do have a large number of students with allergies to nut products and ask parents to help us by avoiding nut products when packing student lunches.

We do strive to be nut free. However, the strong recommendation for secondary schools is that we look at educating all students about the concerns regarding nut allergies and train students to make good choices rather than banning products. Like the disclaimer on food products, we can never claim to be “nut free” with over 600 people accessing our site each day.