Keeping family member emails up-to-date ..... click here for more information

Email is the primary tool through which the College communicates with our families. It is therefore critical that we have the most accurate parent/guardian/carer email addresses at all times.

We will provide families with opportunities to update personal, contact and medical details relating to the family and to your child/children at various times during the year - i.e. when your child/children are involved in upcoming excursions (through Consent2Go) and also at the start of each Term.

Obviously if emails are not current this information will not get through. We encourage families whose email details have changed to contact our Office Reception either in person, via phone on 6245 0099 or email

MacKillop Catholic College is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, families and their information. If you advise us of a change of email address the school has a process in place to ensure that this is authenticated before further communication or information is sent.