At MacKillop Catholic College we endeavour to foster the understanding and implementation of scientific thinking, from idea generation to exploration; the collection and collation of data; the interpretation and sharing of findings to the evaluation of procedures.

We aspire to provide experiences for our students that stimulate them to ask questions, apply their thinking to problem solving (be it hands on or minds on), engender their enthusiasm and enjoyment of their learning experiences and gain independence in their production of learning products.

The learning journey in Science at MacKillop Catholic College develops gradually through a continuum of inquiry-based experiences from teacher-led lessons to open student-guided inquiries as student skills and laboratory techniques are developed.

iPads at MacKillop Catholic College provide access to learning materials and the creation of digital learning products such as Science reports, videos, audio commentary, digital posters and other styles of presentation.

The workflow for students in Science incorporates administrative skills of managing files in various applications and cloud-based platforms, helping them to develop the required digital literacy that the modern workplace demands.

Elective Subjects Year 9 and 10

Science Extended:

Students undertake inquiry-based topical investigations in which the scientific method is the focus.

Physical Sciences:

The key focus is on preparation for studying Physical Sciences in Senior College by developing the applied mathematical skills necessary to flourish in these subjects.

More information can be found in the 2021 Subject Selection Handbook Final.

Assessment and Reporting

The Australian Curriculum: Science forms the basis of our teaching and learning programs and assessment protocols. Students are engaged in activities that provide them with the experiences necessary to meet and/or exceed the National Standards as outlined by the Science rationale of the Australian Curriculum.

Common assessment tasks within each year group provide students with experiences of report writing, research tasks and tests.

Australian Curriculum – Science