Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education (HPE) teaches students how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical participation in varied and changing contexts.

Movement and Physical Activity

Physical Education provides an avenue for students to be kinesthetic learners. It embraces and extends the notions of learning ‘in, though, and about’ movement whilst stimulating the mind. The use of game-sense approaches and a Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) framework broadens students’ knowledge of the following: safety to self and others, sportsmanship, leadership and personal qualities, and provides the sense of connectedness that sport, in general, delivers.

Students are offered multiple opportunities to connect with a wide variety of local sporting and recreational organisations which encourages them to become lifelong active participants of exercise and sport and recreation within their community. These opportunities help students to learn and extend their current skill sets and fitness to benefit their performances and participation abilities in all SATIS (Sport Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools) Sport, Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals.

Personal, Social and Community Health

Health education builds students’ knowledge, skills and positive attitudes about health. Our course promotes health in a holistic view through the following dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual. Students are extended to understand current topical health issues and learn skills they will use to make healthy and informed choices throughout their lifetime.

Assessment and Reporting

Health and Physical Education is directly linked with the Australian Curriculum, in which it aims to develop specific knowledge, understandings and skills. Students are assessed against two strands: Movement and Physical Activity, and Personal, Social and Community Health. Students are assessed through various tasks, projects, common assessment tasks and, in Years 9 and 10, through formal examinations.

For more information please see the 2021 Subject Selection Handbook Final.

Year 9 and 10 Elective Program

Students have a choice of subjects to choose from as part of our elective program. Please see our current Subject Selection Handbook to read more about the following electives offered from the HPE department:

  • Athlete Development
  • Sports Science
  • Child Studies
  • Outdoor Education
  • Mind, Body & Soul
Australian Curriculum – Health & Physical Education