Almost every aspect of our lives is made easier through the ability to communicate and critically evaluate print, spoken and visual texts.

The rigorous English program at MacKillop Catholic College provides students the opportunities to hone the skills required to read, write and critique effectively: reading, writing, listening, speaking and creating.

We aspire to offer engaging, exciting and relevant text in each year level. We explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including novels, film, plays, poetry, media and online content, print and electronic media and much more.


Our aims align with the Australian Curriculum: English to ensure that students:

  • develop ‘accuracy, fluency and purpose’ as they engage in a variety of texts in a variety of different ways;
  • ‘appreciate, enjoy and use the English language’ as they communicate and interact with each other;
  • understand how meaning is created through language, vocabulary and audience; and
  • develop interest and appreciation and are exposed to a range of exciting, engaging and relevant texts.

Years 9 and 10

In our elective program, we offer the following elective subject:

Students are encouraged to participate in opportunities to extend their learning. These may include poetry and narrative writing competitions, talking with visiting authors, reading with primary school students and many more.

Assessment and Reporting

Each year level is assessed against the three strands of the Australian English Curriculum (V8): Literacy, Language and Literature.

All students undertake common assessment tasks such as paragraph or essay writing, poetry or film scene analysis, or creative narratives. Students in Years 9 and 10 may also be assessed through an English examination at least once a year.

Please contact the Head of Department: English for more information about the English course.

Australian Curriculum – English: Sequence of content