Student Leadership

At MacKillop, all students are given the opportunity to lead.

The challenge of leadership is an important part of our students’ learning experience. It is held in very high esteem in our community and is recognised on many occasions throughout the school year.

At MacKillop, we encourage leadership through vision, collaborative planning and action.

Our student leadership structure at MacKillop is detailed below:

Senior Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team is made up of Year 10 students who fulfill the following positions: 2 College Captains, 2 Deputy Captains and 6-8 Student Leaders.

The Student Leadership Team meets to discuss student issues, plan events and decide upon organisational matters. The Student Leadership Team is responsible for school tours, leading whole school assemblies, initiating student-led projects, contributing to School Improvement forums and projects, co-ordinating our Feast Day celebrations and JJAMM Week as well as mentoring SRC members through the Vertical Leadership Program.

Our 2019 Student Leadership:

Ellie Foster (College Captain), Solomon Hope (College Captain)

Mara Dalton (Deputy College Captain), Jenaya Downham (Deputy College Captain)

Lonnie Dalton, Dylan Gard-Spaulding, Oscar Harris, Jacob Oddie, Daniel Pendlebury, Camila Vaughan

Student Representative Council (SRC)

In Year 7-9, students may nominate to have the opportunity to be elected to the Student Representative Council (SRC). There are two SRC members elected from each Tutor Group.

SRC members meet regularly to voice opinions and lead student projects. At several times throughout the year the senior Student Leadership Team joins the SRCs to mentor, support and work collaboratively on school-wide events. This is known as the MacKillop College Vertical Leadership Program.

Our 2019 Student Representative Council:


7 Blue: Darcy Andrikonis & Inara Cruise

7 Gold: Evan Haynes & Claudia Struthers

7 Green: Dean Griffiths & Lilly Austin

7 Red: Nicholas Taylor & Ella Burgess

7 White: Sophie Bonnitcha & Rylan Aziz


8 Blue: Lucy Veldhuis & Lily Mereszka

8 Gold: Harry Gregson & Abbie Walker

8 Green: Isaac Rushton & Alexander Jones

8 Red: Joshua Hunt & Phoebe Hill

8 White: Michaela Priest & Cole Pinnington


9 Blue: Bayley Aziz & Ruby Pacey

9 Gold: Joe Burke & Jode Brewster Jones

9 Green: Joshua Barnes & Dominique Ford

9 Red: Tomas Pears & Sara Vernon

9 White: Brooke Williams & Isabella Townsend

House Captains

Students in Year 10 have an opportunity to be elected as College House Captain. Generally, two Captains are elected for each of the four College Sports Houses.

House Captains motivate and lead each of the Houses at all College Sports Carnivals. They assist with the organisation and running of the carnivals and provide valuable feedback after each of the events for further improvement.

Our 2019 House Captains:

Kirby: Keisha Collier, Sophie Rogers

Lochaber: Ella Cooney, Dana Hyland

Penola: Felicity Kirk, Cooper Nightingale

Tenison: Laila Grafton, Jakem Lampkin-Riseley

Peer Support Leaders

Our team of successful Peer Support Leaders in Year 10 undergo training to equip them with the confidence and skills to be mentors for our new Year 7 members being inducted into the College. They welcome and assist the students on Orientation Day and then run a series of workshops throughout Term 1 and 2 aimed to welcome the beginning students and support them in their transition to Secondary School.

Our 2019 Peer Support Leaders:

Jorja D’Amico, Alysa Gray, Cooper Nightingale, Jamie Rogers, Leilani Stephenson, Keisha Collier, Ella Cooney, Sophie Crump, Laila Grafton, Chenoah Hankin, Emma Paoli, Sophie Rogers, Ethan Ryan, Sofia Sideris, Ainsley Spong, Mackenzie Wilson, Chloe Worbey, Darcy Cowle, Bethany Denholm, Felicity Kirk, Antonia Lambrakis, Zali Nowacki, Madison Palmer, Brodie Donoghue, Laura Harriss, Chelsea Reid, Sage Ackroyd, Darcey Easther, Melodee-Ruth Estcourt, Dana Hyland, Fergus Kenny, Ashley Oakden, Elisha Petrusma, Alannah Richards, Lushana Van Staden