MacKillop Catholic College offers a diverse and varied sports program for students, providing them with many options during the summer and winter seasons.

Some sports that we offer include the following: athletics, basketball, cricket, cross country, equestrian, fun runs, gymnastics, hockey, indoor rock-climbing, netball, orienteering, badminton, sailing, soccer, surf-lifesaving, surfing, swimming, table tennis, tennis, touch football and water polo.

Support from staff, parents and friends plays an integral role in the success of the sport program. Parents are encouraged to support their child’s involvement in a team by offering to coach, manage, umpire or score for teams.

MacKillop Catholic College runs an intra-school swimming, athletics and cross country carnival each year. The emphasis is on maximum participation and the fostering of house spirit. Each child is placed into one of the school house groups. These carnival days are lots of fun and students of all abilities participate at their own level.

Kirby (Green)

Monsignor Kirby befriended Mary MacKillop when she went to Rome.

Lochaber (Red)

The area in Scotland from which the MacKillops emigrated to Australia.

Penola (Gold)

The town in South Australia in which Mary established her first school and first convent.

Tenison (Blue)

Father Julian Tenison Woods was co-founder with Mary of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

Representative teams are chosen from our school carnivals, and these students compete against other schools in the SATIS Carnivals.

In 2001 MacKillop introduced special recognition for those students who have consistently been involved in school representative teams, and who have committed and supported the school through training and representation. Bronze, silver and gold badges are presented to these students at an assembly.

In secondary school we believe students should try to develop their interests and abilities in many areas, including sport, and participate wherever and whenever possible.

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