Pastoral Care

As a Catholic college we have a deeper responsibility to provide for the development of the whole person.

Each of us is called to be the best person we can be and we aim to provide opportunities to allow our students to discover, nurture and strengthen their true potential.

We have no more important duty than to provide an environment where the values of love, peace, truth, justice, compassion and forgiveness are paramount. We measure ourselves as a Catholic school by how true we are to our mission in pastoral care.

The term Pastoral Care/Student Wellbeing also covers a range of formal policies and activities within our educational community – “Personal Development” is one part of the whole picture. At MacKillop Catholic College this includes the following:

  1. Religious Education Curriculum
  2. Personal Development Program (includes Pathway/Career planning)
  3. Anti-Harassment Policy
  4. Behaviour Management Policy
  5. Critical Incident Management Policy
  6. Learning Support
  7. Peer Support Program
  8. Student Leadership Opportunities

A circle of key staff have special responsibilities for the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Students have a range of options to pursue when seeking assistance of a personal wellbeing nature. Their most immediate contact may be their Tutor Teacher or Year Level Co-ordinators, but all students may also seek the assistance of the Director of Student Wellbeing, the Deputy Principal or Principal who also have key roles in the pastoral care circle.

All students have access to the College Counsellor who is available to work with students and families and can refer students to outside agencies if necessary. 

At MacKillop, all staff are responsible for the wellbeing of students and are available to students and parents for guidance and support.